Pickup and Delivery Company in Lagos

Pickup and Delivery Company in Lagos

You are at the right place if you want to learn more about the pickup and delivery company in Lagos.

I’ll explain why CarryGo Delivery is the best pickup and delivery service in Lagos for all of your deliveries in this post.

CarryGo delivery company specialize in pickup and delivery of parcels, documents, goods, and other stuff. We also provide deliveries, transportation, logistic services, relocation, and other pickup and delivery services.

We provide quick and same-day delivery for both people and businesses in Lagos and around the country.

CarryGo is a pickup and delivery company that specializes in transporting items and packages to their destinations on time. They’ve also reduced the cost of having your things and parcels transported by implementing a bid system for transporters on the CarryGo platform.

We have established such a reputation for dependability in their work over the years that it is nearly hard to neglect them in favor of others in the same industry.

As you are all aware, Lagos is a typical megacity with lots of activity. People are more than eager to pay for the rapid and efficient delivery of goods around the city since the inadequate transportation services make things worse.

” The city (Lagos) is unhealthily crowded. Despite being the smallest state in the country, it has the highest urban population with an estimated population of 22 million people and counting, more than double New York or London’s tally.

More than eight million people, moving in five million vehicles cram into a tiny network of just 9,100 roads every day. This is the reason why Lagosians spend an average of 30 hours in traffic each week – or 1,560 annually – while drivers in Los Angeles and Moscow traffic spent only 128 and 210 hours respectively in the whole of 2018.

Lagos is projected to become the world’s biggest city by 2100, with a population of 88.3 million. It urgently needs better road facilities and a high-capacity transit system.”

According to a CNN article from Friday, August 2, 2019 titled: Employees in Lagos are stressed, burned out and exhausted because of ‘hellish traffic’

Pickup and delivery go beyond the necessity to move products and packages from one location to another for CarryGo. We make sure to offer Lagosians and Nigerians great service, better customer care, quick delivery, better parcel handling, and many other things.

Therefore, when looking for a better pickup and delivery company Lagos or nationwide, you don’t have to worry about “pickup truck delivery service near me” any more, CarryGo pickup and delivery company is here to serve you better.

How CarryGo Pickup and Delivery Service Works


You need to first post your job on the website by clicking “Get Free Quotes” or log in and fill out the relevant details to tell us what needs to be relocated. To do so, visit the CarryGo website or download the CarryGo app for Android and Apple operating systems from the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store, respectively, to register and post a new job.

Here’s an example of CarryGo’s job posting form.

pickup and delivery company in lagos

You start by providing the job title, date and time, pickup location (where you want the item or things picked up), drop off location (which is the delivery place or delivery address), and date and time (which should be the current day and hour).

Following that, a little description box will appear where you may enter some comments

The pickup elevator or lift (for buildings with lifts or lifts) and pickup floor level (which is a drop-down menu with a selection of levels ranging from the bottom to the 10th story) are the next options.

Both the property type and the sub property type may be chosen from dropdown menus, which include options for residential, commercial, industrial, and other types of properties.

There is a checkbox on the form for buildings with elevators or lifts (you will see drop off floor level and drop off elevator and lift) that you may select.

There are also drop off sub property type and drop off property type options.

The item name, length, breadth, height, and weight are optional item dimensions that may be added once you upload up to 5 photographs and click the box.

If you’ve seen, the form is more extensive, so we’ll need as much information as possible before submitting your work. Then there is the opportunity to add more items to the form.

As a pickup and delivery service in Lagos and Nigeria, we strive to make it simple for your item or things to be picked up and delivered in the quickest amount of time, which is why we made the form more comprehensive.

To post the job, fill the form and then click submit.

On our website, “search deliveries” your job will be visible in.

The job sample that follows was provided by a customer, and as you can see, it contains all of the details from their post new job form as well as a map with the location and the distance in miles marked on it.

After posting your job, you can edit or remove it on the CarryGo website or app.


After submitting the form, you may sit back and wait for free quotations from CarryGo transporters. After seeing the work, the transposters will bid on it by submitting quotations.

You may review the prices and compare them all, giving you the choice of selecting the cheapest of all transportation rates. You may also look at the transport provider’s profile and read client reviews.

Apart from being one of the pick and delivery company in Lagos Nigeria, which allows you to select the cheapest of all transport bids. Feedback from other CarryGo customers is an excellent resource for determining dependability because it is provided following every transaction.

Feedback might be neutral, negative, or positive depending on how they felt about it.

By visiting a transport provider’s profile page and clicking on their name, you may view their feedback rating. You will be able to read genuine user comments regarding the service they received in addition to seeing their feedback score.

After reading customer reviews, you may now select a transporter or accept a quote.

After the transporter labels your work as finished and notifies you, you may also offer feedback.

You’ll then need to confirm it in the app or on the website. After you’ve confirmed it, you’ll be able to offer comments to help other clients decide whether to accept transporter quotes.

Click the blue “Accept” button after you have made up your mind about your bid and are pleased with your choice.

Now, you may arrange for pickup and delivery directly with the transporter.

I am aware that some of you are interested in pay on delivery in Nigeria. CarryGo pickup and delivery company requires full payment; when it has been made, you will be given the transport provider’s complete contact details.

You may now get in touch with them directly if you need to talk about additional collection and delivery information.

The CarryGo real-time communication system allows you to communicate with transport providers and ask inquiries regarding your task. During the bidding process, you may also query the transportation service providers.

Click “View Bid Message” to get in touch with the transporter when a bid is received for the task you listed.

We’ll let you know as soon as we get an answer for you.

Please be aware that direct contact information for transporters is not and should not be communicated prior to the quote being approved. You should only speak with transport providers through bid messaging prior to accepting their estimate.

Any of the quotes are not required to be accepted.

*Note: You can go back to your listing and accept the right quotation if you accepted the wrong one but haven’t yet paid the charge. Simply click the arrow in the upper left corner to get back to the job. From here, you can start the accept procedure for the accurate estimate.


After receiving a quotation, all arrangements are made directly with the transport provider, and you must terminate their service if you need to cancel your delivery. To do so, get in touch with them.

Once you have cancelled with the transportation provider, please get in touch with CarryGo customer care for further details.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for additional information about “cancelling of delivery and damaged items”.


It’s safe and quick to use CarryGo’s pickup and delivery service. As an interstate delivery service in nigeria, we put a priority on swift collection and delivery of items and materials.

Contact us at the following number for additional details on our pick-up and delivery services.

If you found this post on pickup and delivery company in Lagos helpful, do leave a comment or spread the word to your loved ones.

Recall to register with CarryGo and start utilising it for pick-up and delivery; we’ll be delighted to have you as a client.

On the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, you may also discover solutions to some of your CarryGo-related queries.

I hope you found this article beneficial about a pickup and delivery service in Lagos

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